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Treat your TMJ jaw pain in as little as 3 months

With the only non-invasive dental orthotic that can help you live pain free from TMJ disorders caused by a bad bite.

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Eliminate headaches

That keep you up at night and linger during the day.


Chew and eat with ease

WIthout lockjaw and clicking jaw noises. 


Treat TMJ, live pain free

And forget about your sore jaw, neck, and back.

Tired of living with jaw pain?

Persistent jaw pain caused by TMJ disorder is the worst. Poor sleep, difficulty chewing, grinding teeth, and persistent pain. Don’t settle for a life with jaw pain.

Treats your jaw

By supporting your jaw in an ideal position, improving the way your teeth mesh together.

Why Myoaligner?


Doesn’t require surgery or shaving teeth

Other solutions take years, cost a fortune, require painful surgery, or don’t treat the issue.

Gives you back
your life

So you can live pain free and never  think about your TMJ disorder and jaw pain again.

If you’re dealing with one or more of these issues, you may have TMJ or TMD.

Is Myoaligner right for you?

  • Pain in the jaw, face, neck, or ear

  • Persistent headaches

  • Jaw locking or noise in the jaw

  • Tooth grinding and clenching

  • Recessed lower jaw

  • Poor sleep

How It Works

Treat the pain caused by TMJ

In 3-months the majority of patients report pain relief, better facial symmetry and jaw alignment without surgery.

Get fitted for a
custom fit jaw aligner

We’ll take a mold, get you fitted, and create your custom orthotic jaw aligner. 

Find a provider
near you

Search our list of trained dentists and schedule a consultation

What's TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder is often referred to pain in your jaw joints (the temporomandibular joint), noise or locking in the joints and spasm in the facial and neck muscles that control your jaw alignment.  

There are many reasons which can cause the jaw to be out of alignment, but the most common one is a bad bite or the way teeth mesh together. 

If you’re suffering from jaw pain, ear or neck ache, or grinding and clenching teeth, you may have TMJ disorder.  To find if you’re a candidate, take the quiz.

How It Works

Talk and eat anything I want

“The right side of my jaw popped all the time and it drove me up the wall. With Myoaligner, I can talk and eat anything I want with no popping or problems.” 


Talk and eat anything I want

"I was referred to a TMJ dentist that made me an orthotic by Myoaligner®. Ever since, I have not experienced any pain or clicking in my jaw joints!"


No sharp pains and better sleep

“I had trouble eating. It got to where I would wake up many times during the night with sharp pains in my jaw.  It’s been great ever since. I don’t have anymore sharp pain and I’ve been sleeping better.”


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Helping people like you treat their TMJ disorder and live free from jaw pain


Over 20 years of R&D went into creating the patented Myoaligner system.


Developed based on 60 years of research in neuromuscular dentistry.


TMJ Patients saved from chronic pain caused by bad bite and jaw alignment.

Custom Fitted to You

Doctor Prescribed

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed